Rabo Encendido / Oxtail Stew

Simmering them slowly with garlic and vegetables in red wine yields a rich broth and tender, succulent meat, making a lavish feast for you.

  Oxtails, Disjointed

  Olive Oil

  Red Wine

  Garlic Cloves

  Green Bell Pepper


Filete Mignon “La Rosa” / Filet Mignon

Serve with your favorite steamed vegetable and a mixed green salad to round out the meal. Feel the difference

  Olive Oil

  Filet Mignons

 Minced Fresh Garlic

  Minced Shallots

  Cracked Black Pepper


Flan / Custard

Made with the freshest eggs and natural milk . You can choose from several flavors. Besides add the extra you want



—  Ice Cream


  Something Your Imagination

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Langosta Termidor / Thermidor Lobster

None of us expected to fall in love with this dish when we tested it, but we all did. Most Thermidor recipes yield something that tastes stodgy and heavy, but this version, by La Rosa Restaurant chef Alberto, is almost sleek.

Pulpo al Ajillo / Octopus in Garlic Sauce

Octopus can intimidate the home cook. Once you understand that it takes two simple techniques to take octopus from threatening foe to cherished dinnertime friend, you’ll be hooked on its mild oceanic flavor and slightly springy texture.


Our Kitchen Always in Motion. Never Stop

Hard work? At all. We make our journey has a party. Professionals and enthusiasts, from assistants to the chef. All in tune to make your order out as quickly as possible. But above all, with the quality that you expect. “Taste the Difference”

Chef Albert shows his mastery everyday, on each plate.